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Hennapriya by Vaanipriya

Hello, My name is Vaanipriya and I am a self-taught henna artist.
I was born in India and growing up, I used to see my dad apply henna to all the women in our family during festive occasions. The detailed designs and the strong smell always intrigued me, which motivated me to learn this art.

As a child, I spent most of my time drawing and painting, so practicing henna came quite naturally to me. I was used to the small and long hand movements, as well as the thick and thin strokes. During my teenage years, I practiced henna on my close friends and they loved it as much as I did.
Over time, I was recognised in my local community as the Henna Tattoo Artist which prompted invitations to local events and house visits, as well as parties and traditional celebrations.

I wanted to make my passion into my profession… so I decided to create ‘Hennapriya by Vaanipriya’ as a side hustle. For me, this has been like a dream come true. I enjoy being involved in occasions and spreading happiness amongst the people around me. My skills and dedication have always resulted in happy customers, as well as new friendships.

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