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The SEED Co-Working Office

The SEED Co-Working Office is a collaborative workspace outfitted with everything a modern, efficient office needs. The SEED Co-Working Office assists start-ups sidestep the costs and headaches of findng an office space and outfitting their office. Our aim is to allow small business operators and community organisations to tap into ready made office environments to focus on building their business and/or projects. It’s not just smart thinking which uses economies of scale to give new endeavours a hand up – it’s also a great way to promote Dargaville as a great place to live, work, do business and visit. 

The SEED Co-Working Office has two meeting rooms – the Board Room seating up to 15 people and the Meeting Room seating up to 6 people – and several hot desks for rent at reasonable hourly and daily rates.  A discount is available to not-for-profit community organisations.   These rooms are available for rent by individuals, businesses large and small, community organisations, Government departments.

If you are looking for a collaborative office space to get your business or project started, look no further.  

Call in and see if our space fits your needs.

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Fosters Arcade, 42 Victoria Street, Dargaville

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