Whangarei Sculpture Symposium

The Whangarei Sculpture Symposium is a unique arts event held on a biennial basis along Whangarei’s Loop Walk near the Town Basin. Artists work 10 days straight on the Hihiaua Peninsular in Whangarei, creating sculptures made out of supplied wood and stone. Artists are given a theme to base their creative ideas around.

The 2020 event runs from the 9 -19 March and artists are invited to create a sculpture that relates to the theme of ‘Regeneration – renew, restore and reclaim’ focusing on the natural environment and the preservation of our natural resources; water, land, air and coast.

As with previous years there is an auction held at the end of the 10 day symposium. Prior to that sculptures are judged and awards are presented to selected artists and their works. One piece will be selected and awarded the WDC Supreme Award which includes $6,000 prize and the winning sculpture will be installed in a public space within the Whangarei District. Other awards include WDC parks award with $4000 cash prize and sculpture installed in the Whangarei CBD. Resene award $750 cash and $750 worth of Resene gift cards and people’s choice award $1000. Winners of the last two awards are able to sell their pieces at auction.

Visit the WSS Facebook Page for event updates.

See the link below for more information about this year’s event.

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