Creative Northland offers various FREE marketing services including printing, online/social media listings, e-newsletters & more.

The Creative Northland e-newsletter is sent out fortnightly via email. We have two different newsletters: ‘What’s on’ where we list some of the creative events, opportunities and funding that is happening during that month, and ‘Creative Chat’ where we share key news from our organisation and those that we wish to highlight in the community.


The ‘What’s on’ newsletter is sent out the first Wednesday of every month at 3.30pm. If you would like a FREE listing, email by Wednesday 5pm the week before the newsletter is sent out with details of the event e.g. name, dates/times, location and short bio (max 50 words).
If you would like the event to also be shared via our Facebook page please include a .jpg image in your email.


We can offer printing services for free up to:
50 x A5 Fliers, 20 x A4 Pages, 3 x A3 Pages.
If you use our free printing service we ask that you acknowledge our organisation either by including our logo on your print material or another form of marketing e.g. social media, mention at your event. If you would like further printing we can offer this at a cost or enter a formal sponsorship agreement.


We offer FREE Event/Community Notice Listing on the Creative Northland Facebook Page to advertise your event or announcements.
An "Event Listing" Form must be completed in order for the marketing team to process and list your event via this channel.


Creative Northland can provide advice for your marketing strategy and additional services as part of a sponsorship package. Sponsorship may include poster design, additional printing, Press Release writing etc. Contact for advice or to discuss possible sponsorships.

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