Allen Jowitt

What influenced your journey in pursuing the Arts?
Love of fire, the marks of potter’s fingers on thousand year old pots

Who and what inspires you?
Ancient Chinese ceramics, Bernard Leach, Len Castle, Greg Barron

What is your medium of choice?
Porcelain clay

How would you describe your creative style?
Domestic ware – Colour and form for enjoyment and daily use

What does your art mean to you?
Making pots is an endless learning process that is absorbing, satisfying, frustrating all at once. Greatest joys are opening the kiln after a firing, and passing pots on to folk who love them.

Do you have a fave piece of art and if so who is it by, and why is it your fave?
This is hard! I have more than one! My brother Glenn Jowitt’s photograph from Samoa in 1981 is my choice for its glorious blend of colour, ocean and humanity, and my memory of Glenn.

How would you describe the Arts in Aotearoa?
Alive and well! I love the way New Zealand artists combine determined do-it-yourself No. 8 wire ethic with skill, and sensitivity to make all manner of astoundingly beautiful creations

You can find some of Allen’s work on the Whangarei Heads Arts Trail website:

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