Anikaaro Harawira – Taa Moko Artist

The art of Moko is going through a process of reclamation.


Anikaaro Harawira is one of Aotearoa’s leading taa moko artists. In a predominantly male vocation, her mission statement is to bring back Moko Kauwae to the people of Northland.

She trained at Toihoukura with Derek Lardelli (CNZM) for four years.  Due to her skill and knowledge base Anikaaro is sort after.  Based in Awanui near Kaitaia, Anikaaro’s taa moko artistry has taken her to Australia and Europe.

VIDEO:  Reporter Heeni Brown from Marae and Anikaaro at a special ceremony in the Hokianga

VIDEO:  Northland disability advocate Ana Mackie receives a moko kauae (traditional facial tattoo) from Anikaaro Harawira in a new series about wahine taa moko artists (RNZ)


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