Art & chicken farms

Activism is not something you associate with David Sarich and yet he has picked up his brushes and painted a 1.2 x 2.4-metre mural to protest against the proposed Chicken farm south of Dargaville. Reading an article written by the author, writer Therese Sjoquist, Sarich commented ‘ Painting is another language; a more truthful language, but I let my quirky side out as well which expresses the ridiculous, the outrageous, the humour lurking under every leaf.  If you don’t laugh, serious endeavour doesn’t have context.  
In this case, the artist has become the activist, as artwork can be a powerful tool. It can grapple with the world and bring about change and this artwork certainly expresses the need to say NO!. This work will be installed on the property next door to the proposed chicken farm this Saturday.
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