Hamish Oakley-Browne

What influenced your journey in pursuing the Arts?
I really am a late bloomer in respect to pursuing the Arts as a career, however I guess on one level or another I always wanted to be an artist but didn’t really know how to go about it. Fortunately during some study at Massey university I took an elective paper that was called “ The Creative process” that pushed me down a path from which I would never look back. I thought it would be easy to pass and fun at the same time, boy was I wrong it was difficult and challenging and proved to be the worst mark of my whole degree, however by the time I had finished I had made up my mind. I enrolled in the Applied Arts Degree at North Tec.

Who and what inspires you?
The Tutors I met on the degree program have been huge influences on me. They introduced me to Artists and arts practice I would never have looked at on my own. This really broadened my vision of what was out there and the different kinds of things art would bring into my life. One tutor said to me that art would bring richness into my life. I did not really understand at the time what he meant now I do. 

What is your medium of choice?
Right now my focus is in printmaking. I manage a Not for Profit Print studio called Te Kowhai Print Trust. We teach classes and hold events that promote printmaking in our community.

How would you describe your creative style? 

What does your art mean to you?
It’s my voice. A way to express those things that I find interesting but have no words for. 

Do you have a fave piece of art and if so whom is it by, And why is it your fave?
I have many favourite pieces, I guess from history “Melancholia” by Albrecht Durer and contemporary, Takashi Murakami Arhat series. Because both of them are narrative in Nature they both tell stories that are mysterious and old.

Melancholia – Durer

How would you describe the Arts in Aotearoa?

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