The Great Plate Invitational 2018

Trish Clarke has exhibited from events inception. Trish uses the Great Plate to explore new ideas. They are usually quite whimsical pieces.

The Quarry Arts Centre are working towards their annual fundraiser ‘The Great Plate Invitational 2018’. We suggest you might like to start saving, because they have some spectacular pieces coming your way!

They will start introducing their participating artists through facebook, and more information is coming to their website soon.  We’d love it if you could get involved by sharing and liking our facebook posts.  Widening their audience is their main way of attracting bidders.

Opening night will be Friday July the 13th, which will coincide with the start of the Trade Me Auctions.  Don’t forget this is a fundraiser.  You are purchasing stunning artwork and supporting the Quarry Arts Centre development.  Please dig deep.

If you can’t or don’t want to participate in the auction, they are happy to take individual donations. You can make these at the office, online or into their beautiful Koha box at the Yvonne Rust Gallery and very bit counts!

What’s it for?  This year they are down to 1 large kiln for all their community, event, school, studio and class firings. They need a new smaller kiln to help keep pace with all the work coming through their kiln room.

These folk who have already said a big huge happy yes to making a plate…

Richard Stratton, Kirsty Gardiner, Chuck Joseph, Duncan Shearer, Elena Renker, Fiona Tunnicliffe, Louise Rive, Richard Robinson, Anneke Borren, Carol Robinson, Hana Ott, Jane McCulla, Anneke Muijlwyjik, Dulcie Hering, John Parker, Rosie Parsonson, Faye Garlik, Janine Whitelaw, Jen Crundwell, Kay Godfinch, Jane Cunningham, Jenny Shearer, Trish Clarke, Amorangi Hikuroa, Richard Darbyshire, Julie Cromwell, Wendy Cunliffe, Dulcie Draper, Yoshikazu Kito, Linda Sabbage, Lianne Blair, Mako, Marilyn Wheeler, Sally Spicer, Martha Mitchell, Nicky Jolly, Oodee Eliat, Phil Buffet-McKibben, Anna Scott Davidson, Ros Craw, Samantha Minnery, Sheryl O’Gorman, Sid Ware, Stacy Morrison, Trish Clarke, Wendy Naepflin, Kat Barry, Jane Whiting, Evan Heasman, Carl Hunton, Dell Pryor, Kristin Kay, Susie Rogers, Sue Dinkelacker, Els Van Drunen, Karen Irwin.


For more information, go to the Event Listing at or  check out

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