NYSAF 2019

Northland Youth Summit Arts Festival 2019

NYSAF2019 Film created by the Film & Photography Workshop

Key Info:

The Northland Youth Summit Arts Festival 2019 was held in Kaitaia at Te Ahu Centre from the 28th – 30th of August 2019.
This was a platform for young people to develop the confidence to discover, interpret and share what a shared future looks and feels like to them.
The theme of the event was ‘Navigating our visions for a shared future’ in celebration of Tuia 250.
NYSAF is a free event for youth to attend, largely thanks to our key funder Creative New Zealand, with all costs covered including food and accommodation. All youth participated in their workshops on-site at the Te Ahu Centre and Te Hiku Youth Space. Youth participants & mentors were accommodated at Te Paatu Marae.


This year the summit consisted of eight workshops led by experts with a new workshop for Wearable Arts being added to the event.
We were lucky enough to have the support from Aya Morris who works for the Far North District Council as an additional mentor and also general event assistant.
The workshops and the creative medium are shown below:

The youth split into smaller groups to compose songs together which were performed on the final day of the event.

Facilitators: Jesse Samu & Scott Wynne
Mentor: Izaia Tilialo

The youth with the guidance of the facilitators choreographed a dance set which was performed on the final day of the event.

Facilitators: Jenn Ruka & Leshaan Tangariki Pou
Mentor: Manaakitia Hoepo

Theatre & Performance
The youth with the guidance of the facilitators created a theatrical piece which was performed on the final day of the event.

Facilitators: Lutz Hamm & Georgia-May Russ
Mentor: Shaquille Shortland & Kiara Jagoe

Film & Photography
The youth were taught basic film, photography and editing skills which was used to create a short film/documentary at the event (as at the top of the page).

Facilitators: Kevin Etherington, Raewyn Barry (Facebox) & Jesse Karlins

Creative Technologies
The youth are given a taster of some of the current creative technology trends as guided by the facilitators.

Facilitators: Hans Kim, Krishna Dudumpudi & Nandoun Abeysekera (Mass Design)
Mentor: On Fai Bryan Lee & Christian McDonald

Visual Art (painting)
The youth were taught basic painting skills which was used to create an art piece using paint sponsored by Resene.

Facilitators: Lorraine King
Mentor: Ngawaina Grace

Carving & Weaving
The youth were taught carving & flax weaving skills and guided to create a small sculptural artwork and a handmade flax item.

Facilitators: Poutama Hetaraka & Te Hemo ata Henare
Mentor: Anthony Dunn

Wearable Arts
The youth designed and created a wearable art fashion piece which was shown on the last day at a mini fashion parade.

Facilitators: Shelly Matiu & Chloe King
Mentor: Kathy Dunn

Post Event Activities

In order to maintain our relationships with the youth, track their progress and provide event more creative opportunities and pathways for our NYSAF2019 attendees, there is a programme of post-activity which the youth are asked to be a part of as shown below.
A music workshop is currently in progress, where the youth from the workshop will come together with the facilitators to practice their songs again and then record some of them in a studio.

Wearable Arts – Fashion Shows

The youth from this workshop were given the opportunity to showcase their finished, upcycled denim outfits at two events, the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards 2019 and the North Haven Hospice ‘Top Notch’ Fashion Show 2019.

Bernina Northland Fashion Awards

North Haven Hospice ‘Top Notch’ Fashion Show

‘Navigating Our Futures’ Exhibition

An exhibition of youth artworks was showcased in a two-week exhibition at the South Sea Art Gallery in Russell, NZ during the Tuia 250 celebrations in the Bay of Islands. This exhibition was kindly sponsored by Te Au Marie.
This exhibition featured works by the Visual Art, Carving & Weaving, Creative Technologies, Wearable Arts & Film Workshops.

Key sponsors

This event was not possible without the support from key sponsors. We are extremely thankful to have secured funding and sponsorship from the following organisations:

Event Supporter
WYS has been a key partner for the NYSAF for many years now. They provide in-kind support such as advice and mentors for some of the workshops.
“Whangarei Youth Space provides free Youth Health and Youth Development services, programmes and activities for 12-24 yr olds in our city.This is a safe and fun place where you can meet friends, get involved in what’s on, find a mentor, access health services and get education, training and employment support.”
For more info visit whangareiyouthspace.co.nz/

Key Funder
Creative New Zealand is the key funder providing a majority of the money for us to host his event.
” Creative New Zealand encourages, promotes and supports the arts in New Zealand for the benefit of all New Zealanders through funding, capability building, our international programme and advocacy. ” (creativenz.govt.nz)

Key Educational Sponsor
North Tec was our key educational sponsor in which they contributed a cash as well as in-kind contributions. This is building from the sponsorship received for the 2018 event where they contributed cash, venues and equipment. 
Our partnership with NorthTec acts as a gateway for youth attending the event into further studies within the Creative Sector. 

Music Workshop Sponsor
The Electoral Commission runs parliamentary elections and keeps the electoral roll up to date.  The enrolment team visited the youth at the summit about getting on the roll to vote in elections and have their voices heard.  For more information go to  www.vote.nz or www.facebook.com/ivotenz.

Venue Sponsor
“Te Ahu is a multi-functional community facility in Kaitaia in Northland, New Zealand, which houses the area’s library, museum, i-SITE visitor information centre and council customer services. The complex also houses a café, a variety of venues for hire including different-sized meeting rooms, banquet room and a main hall, little theatre, art space and cinema. You will not easily forget Te Ahu;  the Pou that surround you, representative of local iwi (muriwhenua), nor the godwits suspended overhead, or the fish of Maui beneath your feet. If you visit Kaitaia without visiting Te Ahu, you will forever have an empty space in your memories of the Far North. Te Ahu – a place not to be missed. ”   For more information go to www.kaitaianz.co.nz/

Ritchies – Transport Sponsor
Ritchies has supported the NYSAF over the last few years and we are very grateful to have them as a partner we can rely on to safely transport our youth for this event.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact the events team on 09 430 0710 or events@creativenorthland.com

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