Regan Gentry awarded first Dalton Trust/Wharepuke Artist Residency

We are pleased to announce that NZ sculptor Regan Gentry will be the first Dalton Trust/Wharepuke Artist in Residence.

Regan’s work is known though out New Zealand and his work typically depicts the relationship of people to their environment and how this is acted out.

‘Using a wide range of materials and situations my work is characterised by a playful musing and using of material, language, location and structure.

The phrases, materials and circumstances I employ in my works are chosen for their familiarity and well-established usage in our lives.

The interplay of people and place, local history and situational relevance, often inform my conceptual decisions’.

Wharepuke are looking forward to welcoming Regan and his family to their space and to working with him to realise his project with them.
Up-dates and progress will be posted on their web sites and Facebook pages as the project progresses.

To see more of Regan’s work click here

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