Anna Scott-Davidson

What influenced your journey in pursuing the Arts?My heritage, the sharing of story and living of life. Also the struggle to find a place, I was brought up in a world where the written word and commercial activity were a focus.  I know I see things differently than the western world expects.  I found creativity

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Allen Jowitt

What influenced your journey in pursuing the Arts? Love of fire, the marks of potter’s fingers on thousand year old pots Who and what inspires you? Ancient Chinese ceramics, Bernard Leach, Len Castle, Greg Barron What is your medium of choice? Porcelain clay How would you describe your creative style?Domestic ware – Colour and form

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Sheila Blackburn

What influenced your journey in pursuing the Arts?From being a small child ‘Creating’ has always been my go to activity so it seemed natural to go into the arts when I trained as a teacher.  Working in a secondary school with other Artists and gaining experience in all fields and all media was a fantastic

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Judy Woods

What influenced your journey in pursuing the Arts?I always loved making stuff as a child. I made stuffed toys, fimo broaches, dolls, loved paint by numbers, all the craft projects in the NZ Womens Weekly… and when I went through school I discovered I could draw as well.  However, Art was never really a subject

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